Eco-schools mentor

Every participating school gets assigned to an Eco-Schools mentor. There are plenty of mentors that work actively across the Netherlands. You can find the mentors’ contact details and the participating organizations in the overview below:

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Team Eco-Schools the Netherlands

The Eco-Schools team consists of enthusiastic and committed people. They are happy to provide you information, help you with trainings and carry out audits.

About Eco-Schools the Netherlands

Eco-Schools is a program of the largest nature and environmental education organization worldwide. Being, the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). In addition, Eco-Schools the Netherlands, is owned by IVN Nature education. The coordination is outsourced to SME. We, the people of SME, are convinced that people generate the difference towards a sustainable future. We encourage people to take steps towards sustainable thinking within their domain. For instance in education, governments and residents. Our motto: sustainability is human work.

Learning for the world of tomorrow

Eco-Schools is one of our initiatives to help young people, learn more about the world of tomorrow. We provide teacher trainings for sustainable education and support governmental policies on the field of sustainability schooling. We carry out all kinds of projects to help schools to pay attention to sustainability in a coherent way. Besides, we work closely with centers for nature and environmental education (NME), civil society organizations, governments and cooperatives.

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Learning for tomorrow

SME is an active member of the Learning for Tomorrow (Leren voor Morgen) cooperation. The goal of Learning for Tomorrow is to embed sustainability in the DNA of education. We do this on the basis of an integrated approach : the Whole School Approach.

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