The youth wants change

After Greta Thunberg’s strikes, climate strikes followed all around the world. The truancy campaigns show that young people engage in sustainability. They want to see change for their own future and following generations. It turns out, that they’re really eager to roll up their sleeves and take action! Eco-Schools helps with that. The program provides tools to get the youngsters started.

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Sustainable school as profile

Your school can receive a certificate which is internationally recognized by the United Nations Environment program. This certificate represents your contribution to the environment as a school.

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Save water, waste, energy and money

The students are not the only ones who experience a sustainable change. The building and operations are also automatically involved in this process. With Eco-Schools you can make big savings, according to the topics you have chosen. Think of, less energy, waste or water. Research shows that 98% of participating schools have become more sustainable. With Eco-Schools you will also realize financial savings. There is for example an Eco-School that has been saving annually, € 4000,- just by managing their waste differently!

Integrated approach

Lately, more and more schools are paying attention to sustainability. But often they solely provide separate lessons, projects, and actions. Eco-Schools provides a Whole School Approach, in which sustainability has a fixed place in the education, the building and the community in and around the school. All these initiatives are represented by one clear Flag.

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Join a worldwide movement

Eco-Schools is the largest global sustainable schools program. The program currently includes 59,000 schools across 69 countries. Nearly 20 million students are participating!

Eco-Schools is officially recognized by the United Nations and has also been selected as one of the 100 most inspiring programs in the field of education. We are immensely proud of that!