Participate in The Great Plant Hunt for free! A teaching project of five lessons, in which students of group 5, 6, 7 or 8 investigate and map the environment of the school. They investigate the similarities and differences between plants and animals, they collect & study natural treasures and they make an action plan to increase the biodiversity around the school.

Content lessons

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The teaching package contains a series of five lessons (of 30-60 min) for students from groups 5-6 (the 'adventurers') and 7-8 (the 'discoverers') about biodiversity around the school. The setup is the same for both groups, the level differs. For the best learning effect, the lessons are carried out consecutively, for example during a project week or spread over a longer period. To find out how much the students learn from the project, you take the same knowledge test before and after the five lessons.

The Great Plant Hunt consists of the following lessons:

  1. General information and quiz
  2. Treasure map of nature
  3. Learning cards
  4. Nature treasure chest
  5. Even more biodiversity

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For all primary schools

The Great Plant Hunt is suitable for all primary schools. If your school participates in Eco-Schools, this project fits in seamlessly with the theme 'green'. Green is one of the ten themes of Eco-Schools. Biodiversity is a very important part of this. Does the Eco-scan (step 2) show that you want to get started with green? Then this project can be a nice concrete implementation of that. For schools that do not (yet) participate in Eco-Schools, De Grote Plantenjacht is very suitable for working with students on the theme of 'green' in an interactive way.

Period of time

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You can perform  The Great Plant Hunt during the entire school year. In practice, autumn and spring prove to be very suitable periods. One school does all lessons in one project week, the other school occasionally does a lesson spread over a longer period.

Participation is free

Participation in  The Great Plant Hunt is free. We would appreciate it if you would like to share your experiences with us and send us, for example, photos, stories and floor plans made by the students. Then we stay well informed.


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The Grote Plantenjacht was realized in collaboration with Eco-Schools International and with co-financing from the Toyota Fund for Europe.

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